The "Shalom" Foundation
of Beregszász/Berehove

Synagogue Project

Beregszász Synagogue

Work is in full swing restoring the Beregszász Jewish community synagogue, located at Zrinyi Street. We are very grateful for a donation towards this project by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ernő Goldberger, president of the Jewish community in Beregszász said: "the old tin roof and roof rafters must be replaced, as well as repairs to the interior of the sanctuary, for example: plaster is crumbling and in many places, the plaster has fallen off of the wall."

The goal is to regain the original image of the small synagogue after its renovation.

Pictured in front of the synagogue are representatives of the Beregszász Jewish community and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Synagogue sanctuary images taken in 2011:

Artists rendition of the completed synagogue project:

Current status of the synagogue restoration work thanks to the contributions we have received to-date:
  • Roof and roof rafters have been replaced
  • New ceiling installed
  • Walls reinforced from outside on both sides
  • Walls re-plastered
  • New cement floor installed
  • New electical service, lines and outlets installed
  • New windows installed
  • Work started on the building façade
  • Stucco being applied to the building façade
  • Water proofing the foundation around the building
  • The façade of the building is finished and ready for painting
  • Work started on brick wall
  • Work progresses on the brick wall
  • Exterior of the synagogue finished
  • Holocaust memorial finished and dedicated
  • Wall and gate finished
  • Interior of the sanctuary finished
  • Window treatments added
  • Working on Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Working to create a museum upstairs in the synagogue
  • Additional updates to follow...

Restoration progress images of the synagogue:

Below is a slide show album for your viewing with these slide show controls:
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Restoration estimated to be completed by the end of 2013 or early in 2014, depending upon the contributions.

Additional photos will be added as the restoration progresses. With your financial help, we hope the restoration is completed in 2013/2014.