The "Shalom" Foundation
of Beregszász/Berehove

Cemetery Project

Beregszász Cemetery

Before restoration images of the cemetery, taken in 1991:

The project to restore the Beregszász cemetery was undertaken by a dedicated group of people with Jewish roots in Beregszász. The project was initiated by Genadiy (Hugo) Gutman (USA), Joseph Vays (USA) and Alex Rosner (USA) and with some help from Simon Vays (USA) and Yuri Green (USA).

The first step in the cemetery restoration process was to build an entranceway and sidewalks within the cemetery. This was funded by Bernat and Kati (Linder) Hoffman (Israel).

Later, the existing prayer room and necessary facilities were restored. Also, a paved access road was installed for ease of access to the cemetery.

Next, work began to clear the cemetery of the overgrowth of vegetation, erect fallen tombstones, repairing the walls surrounding the cemetery and lastly, arranging for a full time caretaker to perform maintenance and control access to the cemetery. The restoration was completed in 1996.

In 2012, Marshall Katz (USA) photographed all of the tombstones in the Beregszász cemetery, in order, by row. Once they are translated, they will be added to the Berehove (Beregszász) KehilaLink hosted by JewishGen.

It is important to note, that maintaining the tombstones in the Berehove cemetery is a never ending project, due to shifting of the foundations, base stones sinking, etc. Yearly, all of the tombstones must be inspected for shifting, leaning, etc. Your financial help will ensure the cemetery remains in great condition for future generations.

Images of the cemetery taken in 2012: