The "Shalom" Foundation
of Beregszász/Berehove


Following is a list of contributors to our projects.

  • Contributions can be made "In memory of" a family member, friend, etc.

  • A plaque---listing contributors of $500. dollars or more---will be placed on the wall of the synagogue at the completion of the restoration project.

  • We are eternally grateful to all of our contributors for their financial support of our projects.

NOTE: If there is someone listed you would like to contact for a family connection, contact us with their name and country of residence, and of course a donation would be gratefully appreciated to memorialize your loved ones.

Any spelling errors with your name, please e-mail us.

* = Holocaust Survivor
  1. Adler Itzhak (Israel)
  2. Adler Zvi (Israel)
  3. Alter, Ferenc (Hungary)
  4. Antipov, Vitaliy (Ukraine) - In memory of Pukman, Mária and Kruperman, Tetjána
  5. Berger, Jeno (Israel)
  6. Berkovich, Zigmond (USA) - In memory of Berkovich, Aron and Serena and Jakubovich, Srul and Borbála
  7. Berkovics, David (Israel) - In memory of Berkovich, Aron and Serena
  8. Burekhovich, Judy (USA) - In memory of Burekhovich, Shamuel
  9. Fraymovich, Alex and Valerie (née Vays) (USA) - In memory of Fraymovich, Baruch & Rachel and Vays, Zoltan & Chana and Burekhovich, Shamuel
  10. Goer, Pityu and Kati (née Hartman) (Israel)
  11. Goldberger, Tamás Dr. and Mrs. (Kovács Zsuzsanna Dr.) (Hungary)- In memory of Goldberger, Hermus & Gyöngyi
  12. Gollender, Joseph (USA)
  13. Gollender, Leslie and Suzanna (USA)
  14. Grin, Jerry (Gena) and Magda (née Braun) (USA) - In memory of Braun, Ernest, Manci-Malka (née Oberlander), Samuel, Ester, Rozi (née Tachi) and Eva, and Grin, Ariy and Rachel (née Perlina) and Bunia
  15. Grin, Leo and Ada (née Shapiro) (USA) - In memory of Grin, Ariy and Roza (Perlina) and Shapiro, Faina and Leonid
  16. Grinfeld, Tibor (USA)
  17. Gutman, Hugo (Genadiy) and Judith (née Hollender) (USA) - In memory of Olbaum, Sholomon and Gutman, Joseph & Serena and Hollender, Shoni & Klari and Gaizler, Benjumin (Beyla) and Laichu (Lenke) and Swartz, Miklos
  18. Hanke, Linnea (USA)
  19. Hershkovich, Howard (USA) - In memory of Frishman, Vilmosh and Gizy
  20. Hoffman, Bernard and Katalin (née Linder) (Israel)
  21. Hofman, Dudi (Israel)
  22. Hollender, Lazslo (Israel)
  23. Iványi, Miklós (Hungary)
  24. Izsak, Robert (USA) - In memory of Izsak, Lester (Laczi), father
  25. Jakubovics, Dyuri (Israel)
  26. Jakubovics, Gabor (Israel)
  27. Katz, Marshall (USA) - In memory of Katz, Rudolf [Milu] and Elza/Elizabeth "Dina" (née Gelb)
  28. Katz, Samuel [Sasha] (USA) - In memory of Katz, Rudolf [Milu] and Elza/Elizabeth "Dina" (née Gelb)
  29. * Kennedy, Louis (USA) - In memory of Katz, Miksa & family, Katz, Sandor & Family and Rozenbaum, Vilma & family
  30. Kerber, Icu (USA) - In memory of Kerber, David and Margit and Ackerman, Andrew "Bandi"
  31. Klayman, Alexandr (Israel)
  32. Klayn, Ludvig and Olga (USA)
  33. Koser, Dr. Andras (USA) - In memory of Koser, Dezso and Weisz, Tini
  34. Lebovics, Robert (Israel) - In memory of Lebovics, Marton and Elza
  35. * Lorincz, Mikhael [Miklos] (USA) - In memory of Goteszman, Lorincz and Weisz family
  36. Michal, Anna (USA)
  37. Moskovic, Tomas (Botswana) - In memory of Katz, Yolana and Moskovich, Lenke and Moskovich, Ernõ (Partisan)
  38. Moskovics, Robert Dr. (USA) - In memory of Moskovits, Emil
  39. * Moskovics, Smilu (USA) - In memory of parents
  40. Moskovits, Tibor Dr. (USA)
  41. Neuman, Aron and Zipora (USA)
  42. Rovt, Eugene (USA)
  43. Shekhter, Dudi (Israel)
  44. Shenfeld, Zvi (Israel)
  45. Shvarts, Dr. Alex and Judith (née Grinfeld) (USA) - In memory of Grinfeld, Nandor
  46. Shwarts, Ludvik (USA)
  47. Slomovich, Eugene (USA)
  48. Spiegel family (Hungary) - In memory of Spiegel, Sandor and Gizella (from their children and grandchildren)
  49. Stern, Michael (USA)
  50. Taichman, German (USA)
  51. Traub Avraham (Bumi) and Sonia (née Grinberg) (Israel) - In memory of Ginberg, Izhak and Bella
  52. Vahtenhayn, Hain (Csayku) (Israel)
  53. Vasser, Dr. Gitta and Yacov (Israel) - In memory of Vasser, Pavel Solomonovics and Berger, Sara Yakovlevna
  54. Vasser Erika (Israel) and Joseph (Hungary) - In memory of Palkovics, Fani and Palkovics, Markus
  55. Vays, Eddie (USA) - In memory of Vays, Zoltan & Chana and Vays, Jevgeniy & Sidoniya
  56. Vays, Joseph and Greta (USA) - In memory of Vays, Zoltan & Chana and Vays, Jevgeniy & Sidoniya
  57. Weiss, Tibor (USA)
  58. Weiss, William and Marika (née Rozenbaum) (USA) - In memory of Weisz, Ignac & Gizella, and Rozenbaum, Jozsef & Helen
  59. Welber, Gábor and Zsuzsanna (née Einczig) (Israel) - In memory of Elek and Alice Welber (née Hartman) & Miklós and Margit (Macu) Einczig (née Weisz)
  60. Yunger, Michael and Daniel (USA)