The "Shalom" Foundation
of Beregszász/Berehove


The objectives of the foundation are:

  • development of culture, protection and promotion of the values of the national culture and heritage of the Jewish people;

  • promote the protection and preservation of cultural heritage, historical and cultural environment, cultural and historical monuments, places of burial;

  • participation in the provision of medical care and social supervision for sick, disabled, lonely, elderly, other persons who, because of their physical, financial or other features of the need for social support and custody;

  • contribute to the improvement of socio-economic status of the population;
  • promoting social rehabilitation of needy, unemployed, disabled and other persons in need of guardianship, as well as providing assistance to persons who, because of their physical or other defects are limited in their rights and legitimate interests;

  • providing assistance to the victims in the disaster, environmental, technological and other disasters, resulting in social conflicts, accidents, as well as the victims of repression, refugees;
  • promote the development of science and education;

  • providing assistance in the development of the publishing industry, media and information infrastructure; and

  • providing charity care and other support.

Funds are disbursed as follows:

  • approved and worthy projects;

  • one-time financial, material and other assistance;

  • systematic financial, material and other assistance;

  • financing of specific targeted programs;

  • assistance on the basis of agreements (contracts) about charity;

  • philanthropy;

  • sponsorship;

  • the provision of humanitarian assistance;

  • grant or permit free (preferential) using objects of property of the Fund;

  • taking on themselves the cost of free, full or partial content of objects of charity;

  • other activities not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine